February 2020


small / large

zuppa del giorno 6 / 8

mixed green salad 7 / 9

greek salad 8 / 10


caesar salad 8 / 10

garlic bread with cheese /10

bruschetta /12


lunch / full

penne pomodoro 9 / 12

penne rigate. tomato sauce. parmesan.

ricotta filled ravioli 12 / 15

ricotta stuffed ravioli. tomato sauce. parmesan. 

spaghetti carbonara 12 / 15

pancetta. egg yolk. parmesan. white wine. 

pasta of the day 12 / 15

chefs inspired pasta feature.

MAINS served with choice of salad*

veal parmigiana / 16

veal cutlet. tomato sauce. mozzarella. parmesan.

(also available on a bun)

pollo parmigiana / 16

breaded chicken breast. tomato sauce. mozzarella. parmesan.

(also available on a bun)

*upgrade your side salad to penne tomato +$1 or ravioli with tomato sauce or pasta of the day +$2

PANINI  add a soup or salad +$5

roasted vegetable /10

zucchini, mushroom and peppers with mozzarella, tomato and mayo. 

italian meats /11

choice of mortadella, capicolla, salami, ham or turkey with tomato, mozzarella & mayo.

primo /12

choice of assorted meats, tuna or prosciutto with tomato, mozzarella & mayo. 


zuppa del giorno 8

garden salad 8

greek or caesar salad 8

garlic bread with cheese 10

roasted vegetable pesto flatbread 15

basil pesto, roasted zucchini, mushroom, peppers & onions topped with goat cheese & balsamic

escargot 15

escargot, garlic butter, parsley, mozzarella, crostini

arugula salad 10

arugula, fresh shaved parmigiana, lemon vinaigrette 


penne pomodoro 15

penne rigate. tomato sauce. fresh parmesan. 

ricotta filled ravioli 17

ricotta stuffed ravioli. tomato sauce. parmesan. ​

spaghetti carbonara 19

pancetta. white wine. egg yolk. parmesan. 

papardelle bolognese 19

minced beef, pork & veal, diced vegetables, tomato.

seafood ravioli 19

crab & shrimp stuffed ravioli, brandy cream sauce, toasted breadcrumbs. 


veal parmigiana 20

breaded veal cutlet.tomato sauce, mozzarella. parmesan. penne pomodoro.

pollo parmigiana 20

breaded chicken breast .tomato sauce, mozzarella. parmesan. penne pomodoro.

braised short ribs 23

red wine braised beef short ribs, mushroom & thyme risotto.

filet of haddock 21

crusted haddock filet. artichoke & olive caponata. roasted potato. seasonal vegetables.